Learning the symptoms of bleeding

When you see a bleeding cut on your finger or a scratch on your knee, you immediately realize that you are bleeding, right? However, sometimes you may have a bleeding without seeing blood. Do you know why? The bleeding is happening inside your body. For example, in a muscle, in joint, or somewhere else.
Don't worry though! If a bleeding happens inside your body, you can easily identify it, if you learn to recognize some "signs" called bleeding symptoms.

Bleeding into joints occur when:


all of a sudden you feel something like

a tickle in your joint. This means

that a bleeding starts!


slowly your joint becomes hot,

swollen and painful


you have difficulty flexing

your elbow or knee


you identify that the skin on

your elbows or knees is

stretched or swollen

Bleeding into muscles occur when:


all of a sudden you feel something like

a tickle in your calf, leg or hand.

This is the first sign of bleeding!


see a new large bruise your calf,

foot or hand


the area starts to

get hot and painful


the area swells and

becomes hard

5you feel a numbness

after a while you have trouble moving

the joint located near this area


You feel headaches, you get dizzy, you feel like

you want to vomit, or you feel the need to sleep

(especially if just before you hit your head)

You vomit

You see that your

urine is red or brown

If you recognize any of the above symptoms in your body, you shouldimmediatelyreport it to an adult near you (such as your parents or teachers). They will tell you what you need to do to stop the bleeding and get your treatment fast.
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