I really like cycling, swimming and walking. It is not only a great opportunity to exercise, but also a very fun way to spend my free time! Above all, exercise helps me stay healthy!
Do you know that if you exercise often, you help yourself get a strong, healthy body? Exercise is good for your heart and helps you gain strong muscles, bones and joints. This way, you are protected from bleedings!

I like swimming

Swimming is a great exercise for us who have haemophilia. When swimming, you train all the muscles in your body and this helps them get stronger. This is very important because strong muscles protect your joints from bleeding!

You can swim whenever you want, even in winter. You just need to join a swimming pool, as I have!

Swimming is also a lot of fun! You can play many water games with the other kids and if you practice often, during summer at the beach, you will be the best swimmer of all!
My favorite exercise is swimming. I love doing long dives and learning to swim fast, like Olympic champion Michael Phelps and Greek European champion Giannis Drymonakos!

Safe swimmingtips

I make sure to swim with my friends or siblings so that I’m not alone. I never swim alone. An adult is always near me.
I don't dive fromgreat heights.
If I get tired during swimming, I get out of the water immediately.

Safe cycling tips

Who doesn't like to ride a bike? The bike allows you to go faster to your friends' house, discover new neighborhoods, have fun in the park, or explore exciting places in the countryside!
When I ride my bicycle, however, I do not forget to follow basic safety rules.

Basic safety rules

I always wear a helmet and knee pads
I check that the brakes are working properly
I check the tires to make sure they have enough air
I avoid riding at night but If I have to, I turn on the bike light
I don't cycle at high speed
I always check when crossing the road vertically

Walking for exercise

Walking is very good for our health. It strengthens the heart and the circulatory system and helps us gain strong muscles and healthy joints. In this way, we avoid bleeding!
You can find an opportunity to walk every day! You can walk to school if it is near your home, instead of your mom or dad taking you there by car. During weekends is a good idea to take long walks in the park with your parents or friends!


Physiotherapy includes exercises that help your muscles and joints become stronger so you don’t bleed easily. But, not only that. If at some point, you get hurt and bleeding is caused in a joint, such as your elbow or knee, then physiotherapy will help you strengthen this joint fast so that you are able to move it as before!

Many different exercises help strengthen different muscles and joints in your body. Others for your knee, others for your elbow and others for your ankle. There are also special exercises to strengthen your muscles.

The physiotherapist knows exactly what exercises are right for you and will be by your side to give you guidance and advice.

Just like the gym teacher at school who shows kids what exercises to do and how to do them, your physiotherapist will show you specific exercises. You can imagine him as a gym teacher helping you gain a strong body!


strengthens your

muscles and joints

There are exercises

for elbows, knees,

ankles and muscles

The physiotherapist

knows what exercises

are right

for you

Exercises help you

overcome an

injury faster

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