The "" website is aimed at children and adults with haemophilia, as well as people in their environment who wish to be informed about this bleeding disorder.The young visitors of the website, by choosing the "Learn about Haemophilia" section, learn in a simple and fun way what haemophiliais and what is like to grow up with it. Their companion is Hemilios, a ten-year-old boy with haemophilia, who gives them useful tips on their daily activities, but they can also find games and videos with his adventures. If you are an adult with haemophilia, or a parent, teacher or relative of a child with haemophilia, you can select the "Learn More About Haemophilia" section and find detailed information abouthaemophiliaand its management. At the same time, our blog can keep you up to date with news related to haemophilia.
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This information is intended to inform and update the public and may in no way serve as a substitute to consultation with a doctor or other professional health service.
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