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Hemilios informs children about the new coronavirus!

Hemilios explains to children the rules that must be followed to protect themselves from the coronavirus and invites them to help in the collective effort to stop the spread of the virus. Watch the video here. Watch the video here

The Adventures of Hemilios

This is Hemilios and he is a boy like any other. He is a 4th year pupil at
primary school and he lives in a beautiful provincial town. He loves
drawing, music and his mum’s pastitsio! He enjoys reading comics with
superheroes because they are very strong bust most of all, they use their
power to help all of those who need help! When he will grow up, he wants
to become a comic artist and travel around the world!

He is cheerful and makes friends easily. He does not mind not playing
football, because he is very good at swimming. He is always willing to help
others, because he knows that we all need help sometimes.

This is Hemilios, a boy like any other... with the difference that he has

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